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Sex is not part of the discussions we have in our part of the world.

A few guardians scarcely converse with their children about it and the turn around is likewise valid.

Believe a discussion to quickly turn clumsy when sex is presented.

I am still confounded by why this discussion about sex is covered in such mystery yet such a variety of individuals are having it.

I think the time has come to have an extremely open discussion about sex beginning with the principal sex encounters of these five individuals.

 Ivy Yeboah – 26 years

I was 18 years. After a French class at Alliance Francais I came to visit him and it happened. It wasn’t arranged, it simply happened. I don’t trust in affection. At that point I was somewhat innocent so perhaps I adored him. There was no blood and I think he was stunned. I thought it will be something extremely pleasant however I understood that it is nothing. When we were in school it was a talk that we for the most part had that after school we will do. I felt like hello I am a lady after the demonstration.

Sandra Opoku – 27 years

The first occasion when I engaged in sexual relations it resembled eating Karina’s cake. It was sweet. I was 25 and it was done in my mom’s home. We arranged everything. I had sat tight for quite a while and I needed it to be pleasant. I was anxious to see the primary blood yet it didn’t come yet the person knew I was from a decent family so he trusted I was a virgin. It was agonizing however as it went further it was alright. The primary position was the minister one however we changed as we went on. I will depict my first sex understanding as tasting cake surprisingly.

Kofi Dadzie – 26 years

I was 18 years. It was a Friday night and it was with a companion who was two years more seasoned than me. I went to her place and through discussions she quieted me down and made me comprehend that it was alright, it’s simply sex. It was strange and all that, I was apprehensive and overpowered. At a point in time she instructed me to unwind. I had caught wind of sex, watched porn and the majority of that however the first occasion when I was still anxious. We had two rounds of sex that day. After that I felt I had trespassed. Before long sitting in front of the TV and talking and eating I felt approve. The primary position we attempted was the preacher one, I was on top of her. I would depict my first time as self-contradicting.

Osman Salia – 28 years

I was very youthful, I was 16 years. She was 15. She went to my home. We had been working up to the day with kisses what not. We viewed a motion picture and I resembled would you be able to come over so we attempt this. It happened like noontime there was no one in the house. We were both virgins thus we were somewhat anxious however it was cool. It wasn’t a minister position the first run through.. I attempted the doggy position. It was her particular necessity. There was much the same as a little drop of blood from her yet it was not a major ordeal. Being raised from a Christian home you have been advised not to have it till you are hitched. You would feel like you have trespassed and you need to cleanse yourself. I felt remorseful a short time later.

Betsy Boateng 29 years

My dad sat my sister and I down and particularly instructed us to keep our virginity until marriage. The enormous arrangement was to reward us on our big day. My father is no more however thinking back I wish I had kept that guarantee. My sister is still a virgin however and she is 28. I did it with my first sweetheart and he was my first love. It was not arranged in light of the fact that he had made a few endeavors after right around a year into the relationship yet I had dependably said I wasn’t prepared. So one Saturday evening it occurred in his home. I recollect that it was exceptionally agonizing and eventually I needed to push him far from me. In the wake of all that I felt remorseful for a considerable length of time and I reprimanded him on a few events for taking without end something so dear to me. In any case, hello it’s been seven years and I am so over the blame.

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