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Criss Waddle Threatens Divorce?

Criss Waddle Threatens Divorce?

AMG Business head Criss Waddle is causing a few raised eyebrows after he made a threat of divorce on social media early Tuesday.

Criss Waddle reportedly ‘tied the knot’ in a private ceremony over the weekend at the Lizzy Sports Complex and that threw social media into a frenzy, but barely a week later is speaking of divorce.

“Divorce on ma mind!
#LETTERTOYO” Waddle wrote in a post on Facebook, accompanied with those anger emojis and the #lettertoyo.

Waddle’s supposed wedding itself was shrouded in mystery, with it occuring out of the blue and in a weird setting.

The prevailing theory is that it’s a video shoot and not really a wedding. May be Criss Waddle finally settled down; or may be he is pulling a Sarkodie [Sarkodie ft Pat Thomas – Bra] by shooting a video in a wedding set with all his crew around him.

He has been teasing fans with this new lovey-dovey record he made on SnapChat for weeks now that makes things a little sketchy.Inside information indicate the wedding was a mock ceremony to promote Criss Waddle’s new love song. This was a ploy to get people talking about him and the record that will premiere somewhere next week.

Either way, this ‘divorce’ post has brought all the interesting Ghanaian social media folks with their fantastic claims as to why he could be seeking a divorce so soon.

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