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Dating in your early 20’s vrs dating in your late 20’s

Dating in your early 20’s vrs dating in your late 20’s

Easily, teenage girls are the most dreamy-eyed, romantic idealists you’ll find anywhere in the world.

At that stage, as they start understanding their blossoming bodies and how their hormones work, their goals are often fixed on hot, sexy guys who probably have nothing to give aside being sexy.

That phase continues for a while – they keep desiring the flyest, buffest males, the ones with the sleekest cars, most-perfect haircuts and whatnot.

As women age and move towards 30, though, it is almost as if something flips, and resets their mentality.

The idea of the dating becomes transformed and redefined in the following ways:

1 You cut the chase
Whereas, teenage and girls in their early 20’s would like to overplay the waiting game even though they are clearly feeling a guy chasing them, you won’t be keen on playing the unnecessary games anymore.

2. Looks are no longer priority
You attention is no longer on the guy with the most well-defined muscles or ripped abs. You’ll in most cases have outgrown the obsession with guys that only have these and nothing else.

3. You’ll become more aware of what you want
In your early 20’s, your ‘specs’ of men were most likely childish and not created with an image of forever in mind.

However, when you get to 28 or thereabouts, chances are that you already have a clearer image of what you want from life, and by extension, in a man.

4. Sexual maturation
You know fully by this stage, that you do not have to give sex to make someone love you.

If you choose to, you know already what works best for you. You know the most erogenous, most sensitive part of you, and the things that can easily set you off.

5. Flings? Hell no!
In your late 20’s, your desire will be for settling down, not for random, uncertain relationships.

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