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I am ready for the BASS Awards – Brainy Beatz

I am ready for the BASS Awards – Brainy Beatz

Kingsley Tay who is known in showbiz as Brainy Beatz happens to be one of the fastest growing sound engineers in Ghana and Africa at large.

He started music production at an early age while dedication and hardwork has propelled him to become popular among musicians who yearn for acclaimed hits songs.

Currently, Brainy Beatz has risen through the ranks to become one of the most recognized label in music production in the country and beyond after working with almost all the top notched artist amidst producing the most popular song of the year-VVIP’s Dogo Yaro.

The man behind ‘Another Brainy Classic’ told that although he accepts that the competitors in his categories are absolutely challenging, he’s very certain to win against all odds.

The producer of the popular song of the year “VVIP’s Dogo Yaro”, Brainy Beatz has been nominated for the Producer of the year, and Riddim of the year (AVO riddim) in the BASS Awards 2016.

Spicing up his profile, Brainy Beatz, is the legitimate producer of African’s finest and legendary dancehall King -Samini and has worked with most top artistes in the country from Stonebowy, Jupiter, Kofi Kinaata, Hus Eugene , Iwan, Kwaw Kese to international artistes, Busy Signal, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Phyno, just to name a few.

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  1. I am ready for the BASS Awards – Brainy Beatz | iRed Entertainment

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  387. Voted Saturday. Tom and I arrived during a slow period–only two people ahead of us. When we left, the line was fifteen long, with several _groups_ of people heading for the door. I think there may be a record turnout today.

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