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Sarkodie ft Masterkraft – Just In Case (Prod. By Masterkraft)

Sarkodie ft Masterkraft – Just In Case (Prod. By Masterkraft)

Ghana’s fastest rapper and the CEO of SarkCess Music, Sarkodie has featured Nigerian popular sound engineer Masterkraft on his brand new tune titled “just in case”.

The tune actually talks about how the multi award winner Sarkodie managed to win the heart of his love Tracy SarkCess.

Kindly download to listen and enjoy.

Click The Link Below To Download

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  1. Sarkodie ft Masterkraft – Just In Case (Prod. By Masterkraft) | iRed Entertainment

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  61. Sarkodie ft Masterkraft – Just In Case (Prod. By Masterkraft) | iRed Entertainment

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